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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Qualities

Here we look at the qualities you need to become an effective leader.

Leadership Qualities

Think about what qualities your role models have that are attractive to you, that make them inspiring.

Now, putting aside modesty, false or otherwise, think about what qualities they have that you also have.

You have to know who you are and accept that you have outstanding qualities - leaders are able to do that.

Beliefs, rules and patterns

How well do you understand the rules, beliefs and patterns you have created in your life so far? Everyone's got 'em.

They can be the simple kind of rule - you should brush your teeth twice a day. They can be the more complex kind - you should treat everyone the way you expect to be treated.

Beliefs can be things like - I believe everyone should be fair. And patterns can be as simple as going to and from work the same way every day.

When identifying your rules, patterns and beliefs see if you can avoid putting a value judgement on whether they are good or bad; this is far more about seeing just how well you understand your own behaviour.

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