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Leadership Development

Can you Train Leaders?

This section examines the idea that training leaders should be seen as a developmental programme rather than a training programme.

Leadership Training

Training is a misnomer when applied to leadership.

Any leadership development programme has to include at least a passing reference to the following

Introduction to the concept of leadership behaviours
Discussion and debate about leadership
A widening of the definition beyond traditional leadership stereotypes
Personal understanding of individual leadership qualities and strengths
The difference between leadership and management
A look at how people perceive, their perception is their reality
Assumptions and their effect on how people see the world
What are your terms of reference and seeing the bigger picture
Personal patterns and beliefs
A look at the elements that have influenced and shaped the participants
Establishing ownership of individual's leadership behaviours

A programme needs to be designed around the development of the individuals involved rather than towards competencies identified as required by the organisation.

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