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Leadership Development

This is a summery of the key learning points of leadership.

Key Learning Points

In conclusion:

Expect the unusual, the quirky, the non-conformist, the doer, the inspirer and you've got yourself a leader.

To become one or to develop your leadership skills you have to be fully engaged in the process of development and just like everyone else, you have to practise, practise, practise.

Key Learning Points:

The power of aligning personal motivation and business objectives
The capacity of strong well expressed beliefs to motivate others
Communication is far more than just words
Leadership is not just about getting people to do what you ask
It is far more about seeing what is needed and carrying people forward with your vision
Being able to create the impact you want
Expanding your spheres of influence
Being able to talk to people in terms they understand
Using appropriate language
The relevance, development and use of personal style
Putting across concepts and ideas with ease and flair
The value of creative risk-taking and "out of the box" thinking
Making sure projects move forward without having to do all the work yourself.

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